High Purity Water Generation Systems

Hydropure High Purity water Generation Systems are designed and manufactured for treating different types of water developing on its source and quality. These plants are available as pre-engineered packaged standard plants or custom built as per the project requirements.

RO-EDI Plants

Hydropure RO-EDI Plants are used for Generation of High Purity water for Generation High Purity water for pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, Semiconductor, Cosmetic and Food & Beverages Industry. Many years of experience and continuous development has led to all our plants being very user friendly and robust. The plants are built using world class equipment’s and are engineered with highest care to ensure peak performance throughout its life span.


Important features of Hydropure RO-EDI Plants:

Pre-engineered packaged plants and custom built plants as per URL
The plants can be either chemical or hot water Sanitisable
Complete system CE approval
Complete design with low footprint
Plants manufactured as per ASME, BPE and ISPE Guidelines
Automation system complies 21CFR Part 11 & Gamp 5


Advantages of RO-EDI Plants:

Compact and modular design
  • Low operating cost
No regeneration and hence no/minimum, chemical consumption
Easy to operate and maintain, maintain, requires practically no maintenance
  • Very high reliability
Consistent performance in achieving conductivity, microbial and TOC rejection.
Construction Features

These plants are manufactured according to CGNP requirements and all the plants built by us are designed for absolute control of microbial activity, thereby minimising the need for system sanitisation.
All equipment’s and the plants are manufactured using Sanitary AISI 316 L Stainless Steel electro-polished tubes and fittings with surface finish of RA 0.4 um. All piping and fittings are welded using latest orbital welding machines. All other fittings are equipment’s including values, pumps and instruments selected are sanitary are type. Optionally the plants may also be supplied with PVDF piping systems.

As a standard feature, all plants are SS 304 skid mounted with stainless steel control panel and tough screen for ease of operation.

Hydropure plants are PLC based fully automatic and have necessary safety interlocks, data logging facility and intuitive software for smart control and monitoring of the system. As a standard feature the control system includes an IPC having inbuilt self-programmable SCADA. The pumps can be provided with variable frequency drives (VFD) on request.
Various instruments like flow, pressure transmitters, conductivity, pH and ORP analysers continuously monitor the plant performance and the data is logged for easy review and study.

Product Water Quality
Purified water generated complies with USFDA, MHRA, WHO, EU & other international pharmacopeia’s and standards.

Hydropure High Purity water System is provided with documentation backed with necessary test and calibration certificates with full NABL traceability. For pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry the documentation is done to ensure proper regulatory compliance. (DQ, FAT, IQ, SAT, OQ, and PQ).
The documentation package is well designed and organized to provide validated information on the Project life cycle from design stage to site to acceptance test. Our dedicated Validation Team provides a comprehensive Validation Support to the customer including Validation Protocol preparation, Site Tests activities, Instrumentation Calibration and Validation Reports organization.

DM Plants

Hydropure DM Plants are used in combination with UV and UF for Generation of High Purity water for pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, Semi-conductor, Cosmetic and Food & Beverages Industry. The typical pre-treatment is filtration and DM Plant consists of a tow Bed system followed by a CATPOL or MB polisher. The plants are built using FRP housing and UPVC valves and piping system. The DM plants are designed for achieving highest treated water quality with lowest consumption of chemicals for regeneration.
The DM plant based systems are custom built for any capacity and come with option of fully automatic or manual plant operation. Resins for this are carefully selected to meet the application requirements.
The post DM UF system are built using Hollow Fine Fibber membrane of less than 10K D MWCO for microbial and TOC rejection to achieve the treated water quality complying USFDA, MHARA, WHO, EU & other international and pharmacopeia’s and standards. The UF system is hot water Sanitisable up to 85 Deg C.

Important features of Hydropure DM-UV-UF Plants:
  • Custom built plants as per URS
Compact design with low footprint
SS  skid mounted design
Stainless Steel Control Panel with touchscreen
Complete system CE approval
Pre-Treatment Plants

Pre-treatment plays a very important role in efficient and safe operation of the purified water generation system. The pre-treatment is designed with highest care using conservative design approach. The raw water pre-treatment units are modular and designed according to incoming water characteristics.

Typically the raw water pre-treatment units include media filtration, softening and Ultra Filtration Unit as standard feature. These compact and modular treatment pre-treatment systems are engineered for robust performance ensuring maximum availability even for most demanding applications. The pre-treatment system is built to meet any capacity requirement.
Media Filtration

Media filtration is an important first step to achieve clean water to feed to RO. The sand media is carefully selected and graded to ensure highest results. All pre-engineered standard package plants have FRP Vessels as per ASME Sec X with manual multiport valve or frontal vales and piping assembly. The filters can be supplied in fully automatic mode of operation on request.

Typically the pre-treatment also includes a softener for removing monovalent cautions causing hardness to ensure scale free plant operation. We use uniform particle size resin which gives highest regeneration efficiency and lowest hardness in outlet water quality. As a standard feature all Softening plants are supplied with manual mode of operation, however, on request we can supply softening plants with Automatic mode of operation also.
Ultrafiltration in the pre-treatment ensures a consistent RO Feed water quality of SDI less than 3.0. This minimises the fouling of RO by particulates and other suspended impurities. The UF used is hollow fine fibre constructed of either PVDF or modified PES to achieve a very high quality of the filtrate. Typically we adopt a conservative approach in UF design to ensure a long trouble free operation. An important feature of our UF provision of online UF membrane integrity test facility which warns of UF fibre breakage if any. All UF Plants are fully automatic.  
High Purity Water Storage and Distribution
In order to meet the PW and WFI Quality Objectives, the US FDA recommends generation of PW and WFI “where and when” required. However, with growing demand, bigger plant size and layouts for Pharmaceutical and Biotech industries becoming difficult to generate PW & WFI “where and when” required. Hydropure High Purity Water Storage and Distribution Systems are designed to store and distribute PW and WFI water to various user points maintaining the generated water quality.


Important features of Hydropure Storage and distribution systems:

PW and WFI Storage Tanks
  • All tanks are designed and manufactured as per ASME Sec VIII, Div  1
Wetted parts are of SS 316 L, Internally electro-polished up to 0.4 Ra finish
Pain and jacketed tanks are provided with insulation and SS cladding
  • Flush nozzles are provided to ensure minimum dead lag
All tanks are Riboflavin tested
Dual jacketed  are provided for day and night mode of operation
Tanks are provided with accessories like
Dynamic spray ball
Electrical heat traced vent filter housing with 0.2 micron hydrophobic vent filter
Rupture disc, sanitary level sensor, compound pressure gauge etc.

Distribution Skids

  • Fully drainable sanitary pumps.
Pumps are selected to ensure minimum velocity of 1.2 m/s in the return of the loop at peak load consumption.
Loop pumps is provided with VFD and interlocked with flow transmitter in return line for maintaining desired flow and velocity in return loop.
  • Swing arm assembly for easy pump changeover.
Instrumentation provided in the loop to monitor the High Purity Water parameters like flow, pressure, TOC, conductivity and temperature.
Sanitary Double Tube Sheet type Heat exchangers are provided in PW & WFI Loops for sanitization/for maintaining PW/WFI temperature.
  • Loops are designed for cold, hot or ambient temperature.
Ozonation provided in the system for sanitization of the tank and loop.
Distribution Loop Piping

Loop piping is done with SS 316 L electro-polished laser welded bead crushed tube as per ASTM A270/269.

Continuous recirculation with bead lag not more than 1.5D.
  • All wetted parts are of SS 316L electro polished up to 0.4Ra.
  • Zero bead lag block valves with inbuilt Sampling Port for point of use.
  • The loop is designed with minimum gradient of 1:100 for self-drain abili
  • All weld joints in the loop are orbital welded using High Purity (99.99%) Argon Gas and inspected by boroscopy machine.
  • Point of use sanitary heat exchanger is provided to cool the PW and WFI as per the process requirements.